The Study and Findings on TruVision Products: TruVision Health

The global wellness industry has grown to an over $3 trillion industry; which is one of the biggest markets in the world. In this huge market, categories such as weight loss and other related wellness spheres contributed more than $50 billion. These numbers are astronomical which also means that the number of such products that are currently on the market is hard to fathom. Unfortunately, this is one industry where companies sell a lot of fake promises. Many products do not work as advertised and some of the ones which work do have serious side effects. In light of this revelation, we decided to conduct research to find a product which has positive effects and is healthy for its users. Today that product is TruVision Health.

In the search to find a supplement that not only works but is also healthy for the body we came across a company called TruVision. We conducted an in depth and rigorous research about the company and the following were our findings.

About TruVision Health

TruVision is a company that was established back in 2014 with an aim of manufacturing wellness products that actually work and are healthy for the users. The management of the company noted that there was a gap in the wellness sector and they took a gamble. The gamble paid off and since then TruVision has come up with products such as TruHealth, TruEssentials and TruNecessity.

A major thing that sets TruVision apart from most of their competitors is that their products can be taken on the go. This presents a lot of convenience for many people who just want to take their supplements without a lot of restrictions. Another thing that is unique with TruVision’s products is that they all contain natural ingredients which is commendable. The following is breakup of the ingredients that make up TruVision’s products:

– Vitamins – TruVision’s products contain a lot of vitamins which are essential in various bodily functions.

– Minerals – Minerals occur naturally in a lot of healthy foods and TruVision can help users bump up if they are minerals deficient.

– Green tea extract – The polyphenols in the green tea extract act as oxidants which helps in burning fats.

– Dendrobium – This compound has been proven to help in digestion.

– Bitter orange – Bitter orange contains a compound known as synephrine which helps in losing weight.

– Caffeine – Caffeine acts as a stimulant which helps to coordinate body functions such as controlling the central nervous system and as a result help in losing weight.

Side Effects

With the numerous horror stories that crop up online sometimes, it is normal for a person to be wary of any supplement products. Caffeine is one of the ingredients in TruVision products and for some people it does take some time to adapt to this ingredient. However, after the first dosages, most people become tolerant and the effects disappear.

Food and Drug Administration on TruVision

The FDA, the authority tasked with the mandate of ensuring consumer products are safe for consumption did summon the company for including DNBA and synephrine as dietary fixings. The FDA argued that

these two ingredients did not fit that classification and ordered the company to remove them from their products. TruVision health did remove these ingredients and they were allowed to continue with production.

Comments by Users

Going by the comments of people who have actually used products from the TruVision company, the general consensus is that most people have reported positive effects. A recurring comment that many users left is that they generally feel better and they are healthier.

Conclusion on TruVision Health

TruVision health deserves to be commended for coming up with products are made of natural ingredients and do not harm the health of their users. This is refreshing since many products in these industries are more concerned with the results and not the process and this can have dire consequences. In addition, many users have reported positive results when using the company’s products which is a plus for the company. Finally, when testing these products, we must keep in mind that all bodies are different, and the results may vary from one person to the next. The best option is to try the products yourself and see the results.