Online or Offline Eye Makeup Shopping at Reasonable Price

Having questions about eye makeups? This is for you, whether a beginner or a veteran. There are countless tips for you here for all your eyes beauty. It’s all in the eyes, countless possibilities, mascara, eyeshadow, eye primer, eyeliner, eyebrows, eyelashes and under eye concealer combinations that will transform your look in a split of a second. 


If well applied, it helps your eye look bigger by giving it a dimension an also emphasizing on its color. Below are some secrets for a good looking eye-shadow. 

  • Besides well application and blending, use some good quality brushes.
  • Apply some good eye primers before you go ahead to the eye-shadows. This enables you to stay with them all day long without crisping. 
  • Cover your eyelids with a white eyeliner first for a poppy and vibrant less pigmented eyeshadow. This enables you to cancel out the unwanted color in your skin
  • For a good blending of colors, use a dark shade for the bottom area of your eye, a medium shade for the area above that and a light shade for the top area.

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It’s embracing how you can labor making your eyes in the morning, only to have it faded out later in the day. Proper application of eye primers assures your eye makeup will stay in good condition all the day long. Below are some tips 

  • Choose a light shade primer since it won’t alter with the shade of your eye-shadow by adding color pigments.
  • Choose a good finish for your eye primer to absorb the grease in the eyelids and also to keep your make up in place all the day long.
  • Make a good choice of your eye primer texture. It may be in gel, cream, liquid and stick form. This has a direct effect on how you feel on your lids and how long it last.
  • Lastly, you can apply the primer to your eyelids by first cleansing your face and moisturize it before the application.

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Different people have different views on eyeliner but the fact is that it’s the most basic step in the eye make-up. It mainly emphasizes on the eyes and the shape they take. Below are some tips. 

  • Clean your eyelids and apply the primer to avoid smudging.
  • For a denser look of your eyelashes, apply the eye liner close to the lash line to make it took a natural one. 
  • For a perfect looking shape, make the tip of your eyeliner thin but blunt.
  • Use a liquid liner for a perfect winged eyeliner
  • For a smoky eye, use a pencil liner.
  • Use more subtle colors like brown as you advance in age so as to maintain an elegant look. You can grab some amazing products at ARDELL’.


Most people underrate eye blows but their contribution to the beauty is amazing. They help in shaping your face. Grab yourself some few tips!!

  • If you have plucked them off, pick one of the products that suit your hair color and fill the gaps.
  • Blend the product well to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible.
  • Use an eyebrow gel to keep your eye blows in position in case they are out of control. JEFREE STAR COSMETICS got your back with some amazing products categories. 


Good eyelashes make one’s eyes look more beautiful and attractive. Mascara makes one look bright-eyed and younger. Below some tips! 

  • Always start applying your mascara from the root to the tip
  • Wait for about ten seconds before adding another coat of mascara.
  • Always curl your lashes with a good eyelash curler before applying mascara
  • Do not pump the wand while removing excess mascara if you want it to last for long.

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The choice of the concealer to use is very important since for a perfect appearing make-up application. Poorly applied concealers can also expose problem areas which are embarrassing. Always choose a concealer that matches with your skin and apply in the right way.

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