Gunnar Glasses, Your Best Solution for Eyestrain!

Are you a gamer with eye health concerns or someone who spends most of their time glued to your digital devices? You might have seen us on Shark Tank and want to know more! Gunnar glasses is the way to go.

Nowadays most of us are glued to our phones, laptops, or desktops without protection from the harmful UV and blue lights they emit. There is a reason Gunnar glasses are getting more and more popular.

Artificial Blue Light & Digital Screens

Spending hours staring at digital devices are harmful to our eyes. Our naked eyes are not designed for extended exposure to digital screens and artificial blue light. Gunnar glasses protects your eye against short-term and long-term eyestrain.

It can not only cause eye strain, blue lights can suppress production of melatonin which can lead to poor sleep. Their custom tints and filters help your eyes finally relax allowing you to focus longer, work efficiently, and become comfortable doing it.

Eyestrain & Visual Comfort

Gunnar glasses use lenses that have enhanced focusing power and proprietary tints providing you with cleaner and sharper vision helping you focus more naturally while blocking harmful blue light from digital screens.  

Staring at a digital screen for extended periods leads to blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. Moreover, their yellow tinted Amber lenses can help improve your visual contrast and soothe your eyes while you are using your digital devices.  

Improved Wellness 

Gunnar glasses are designed to block harsh blue light and glares that can otherwise affect your health. It absorbs and reflects high-energy harmful light that can strain your eyes and disrupt your sleep cycle. Exposure to electronic devices before sleep can especially affect the quality of your sleep which can cause a host of health problems.  

Cumulative exposure to artificial blue light has been found to cause vision problems such as cataracts and age-related degeneration.  

Gunnar Lens Technology  

Their lenses have anti-reflective coating both on the front and back. This helps with blocking glare and unnecessary reflections. Gunnar glasses are the only eyewear recommended by doctors to enhance and protect your vision.  

Their custom solution alleviates all common issues associated with digital eyestrain, effects of artificial blue light, and visual stress and fatigue. Do you need corrective lenses? Gunnar lenses come in prescription Rx eyeglasses for anyone who requires corrective lenses. 

Gunnar Lens Types  

The lens coatings provide extended durability and resist scratches while the tints replicate natural light minimizing visual stress taking polarization into consideration. Gunnar glasses come in two lens types, namely, Amber and Crystalline lenses.  

  • Their Amber lenses absorb over 65% of harmful blue light, this is significantly more than their Crystalline lenses. The yellow tint enhances contrast while minimizing glare. However, it can slightly alter your color perception and is less aesthetically pleasing to their Crystalline lenses.
  • Crystalline lenses only absorb 10% of harmful light. However, it has better color perception. These are more suitable for visual artists like graphic designers and video editors.

Gunnar Frame Styles  

They offer a wide range of frames styles to suit your lifestyle and specific needs designed for a comfortable fit.  

Gunnar glasses cater to every need. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you can go for their gaming frames which are specifically designed to fit around your headsets. If it’s for office or at home, then their computer frames may be to your liking.  

PRICING They offer competitive pricing, it’s a striking deal when we take the features into consideration. In addition to protecting our eyes, the frames themselves feature adjustable silicone nose pads, fastener-free hinges, flexible gently curved and ultra-slim temples, lightweight construction, weight-balance, and so much more.

  • Their single vision glasses start at around $169.
  • Their progressives series go for about $269.
  • Their over-the-counter ranges go for around $50 – $100. WARRANTY  

For non-prescription glasses, they cover defects in materials and workmanship for a year from purchase. However, it does not cover wear and tears from regular use nor glasses purchased from non-authorized dealers or resellers. 

It’s mostly the same for prescription glasses, but they cover 2 years for defects in anti-reflective coating and covers the one-time change of Rx by your doctor. They don’t cover damages caused by accidents, neglect, and improper use or storage.

Gunnar Adapts to The Growing Needs  

As digital device use increases more and more people suffer from eyestrain and health issues. UV and blue light emitted from the displays are the main cause of it.  

However, we live in a society and lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to disconnect from these devices. Gunnar glasses allow us to adapt to growing needs to spend hours on our devices without the side effects.