Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain Link Fence Repair  


A Chain link fence is a common fence type surrounding many properties. It offers safety and privacy for dwellers of a building and keeps away intruders. Apart from its attractive nature, a chain link fence is affordable. However, it is exposed to a variety of issues including harsh weather and damage. When you feel your fence needs maintenance, it is time to call in a chain link repair specialist. You want someone who understands how to fix the fence and restore it to its initial good state. Now, there are three general causes of fence rust, sagging and damage. Each of these causes calls for different repair actions.  


A chain link fence does not have to be old to sag. Something as simple as a loose post can ruin its appearance. This problem needs fixing as soon as possible before it affects other parts of the chain link. 

Once it has been established that a post is loose, three things are needed struts, shovel and concrete. Repair starts with digging around the post and lifting it from the hole. Next step is adding concrete in the posthole, and then placing the post inside it standing upright. Using the struts hold the post in place. It is also possible to repair the sagging fence without using concrete.  


Often, chain link fence repair becomes necessary due to harsh weather, for example, storms. High winds, rain, and falling trees can cause damage. Sometimes the damage is extensive meaning more repair work. If you feel you cannot handle the repair it would be wise to call a professional. 

The first thing a fence expert does is remove the rail, post cap, tension and brace bands. After that, the undamaged part is stretched and attached to the closest post. The affected part is repaired and then the removed parts reinstalled, bolts tightened and the cap and bands restored to the fence rail.  

Repairing a small fence section 

Sometimes the damage is not extensive. In such cases, all that needs repair is a section of the mesh. Well, one attaches a puller to two posts to allow removal of the tension bar. The damaged mesh part is cut leaving a hole. A section of a new chain link is cut and used to fill the hole left after removing the damaged mesh. Pliers are helpful in weaving the chain link back together.  The last thing to do is reattach the tension bar that was removed earlier, then add wire tie supports. The fence will be as good as new. 

About rust, repair will be similar to that for damage. Whether the rust affects a great deal of the chain link or a small part, the repair procedure is the same. 

Determining cost of fence repair 

The amount of money you will spend on chain link fence repair depends on several factors. 

For example, what is the extent of damage? If a larger section is damaged, sagging or rusted, then you will pay more. If it is a small mesh area, it will cost less. 

The quantity of material needed also determines cost of repair. Again, it depends on the damage. For instance, a sagging fence or one with rust may not require as many tools and material as is the case with an extensively damaged fence. 

The amount of time for repair also helps gauge repair costs. Of course, if a professional is working on a huge section of the fence, then it will take more time. In simple terms, you pay a skillsman depending on the hours he takes on the job. The more the hours the more the money you give out. 

Chain link fence repair is very important. It restores the fence to its original look. A saggy one becomes sturdy, a rusty one shines, and a damaged one looks better. When you repair your chain link, you reduce the damage caused meaning less maintenance costs.  

A sagging or rusty fence does not give you a good impression. If it is a business premise, it shows you do not care about your image or safety. A home with a poorly maintained fence paves way for intruders, animals and other hazards. Do not wait until the fence is falling down to repair it. Take time to check its condition regularly for any vulnerability and have them fixed. That sagging fence can be repaired before it sags even more.